Hi Fabien,

Sorry for the late reply, I didn't see your answer in my emails :-/

On Friday, June 19, 2020 at 11:12:05 AM UTC+2, Fabien Tencé wrote:
> What you experience is because your Warp 10 instance does not use the same 
> configuration as the Sandbox one.
> Namely, the *ingress.parse.attributes = true*, in 10-ingress.conf, is not 
> set in your configuration. It enables the */update* endpoint to parse 
> attributes in the GTS input format. So currently, they are ignored on your 
> instance.
> By default, this option is disabled because it can degrade the ingestion 
> performance at lot if attributes are often set, even if there are always 
> the same, and GTSs are mixed. This is not the case in the .gts file for the 
> tutorial but using this functionality should be done with care. 

> So set this configuration, restart your instance and reupload the data and 
> you should be good.
> For the reference, if you don't want to enable this option, you can set 
> the attributes via the */meta* endpoint, see 
> https://www.warp10.io/content/03_Documentation/03_Interacting_with_Warp_10/08_Meta
> .
Thanks, it works as expected. I can go further now !
Have a nice day,

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