Author: muggenhor
Date: Thu Jan  4 00:20:44 2007
New Revision: 594

 * Set the bugtraq properties on the nsis directory as well
 * Set svn:ignore to:
  * include files which should only occur in a working copy (e.g. 
makerules/ which is derived from makerules/
  * prevent files produced by the build-system (e.g. files generated by bison 
and flex) from showing up in `svn status'

    trunk/data/   (props changed)
    trunk/lib/   (props changed)
    trunk/lib/framework/   (props changed)
    trunk/lib/gamelib/   (props changed)
    trunk/lib/script/   (props changed)
    trunk/makerules/   (props changed)
    trunk/nsis/   (props changed)
    trunk/src/   (props changed)

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