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> Hmmm could you try reverting your patch and applying this one ?
> http://rodzilla.free.fr/wz2100/mypatch
> I didn't look at your patch so don't take it like "I think your fix
> is bad" or something. I would just like to know if this problem is
> related to the data-files-choice problem I fixed lately (but I didn't
> check that into SVN yet due to a broken PC *sigh*).

Sorry to say, but it bombs in the same place.  Here's the BT:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x08153802 in sound_GetTrackHashName (iTrack=347) at track.c:496
496             return g_apTrack[iTrack]->resID;
(gdb) bt
#0  0x08153802 in sound_GetTrackHashName (iTrack=347) at track.c:496
#1  0x080edfd7 in scrValDefSave (type=27, data=347,
    pBuffer=0x8ebaf94 'Í' <repeats 200 times>..., pSize=0xbfc13eb0)
    at scriptobj.c:666
#2  0x08166321 in eventSaveContext (pBuffer=0x8eba020 "ÍÍ_qT\016¿\001",
    pSize=0xbfc13ee4) at evntsave.c:123
#3  0x08166d12 in eventSaveState (version=3, ppBuffer=0xbfc13f14,
    pFileSize=0xbfc13f10) at evntsave.c:596
#4  0x08120e23 in writeScriptState (pFileName=0x82b9b00 "savegame//6c.es")
    at game.c:10315
#5  0x081153e2 in saveGame (aFileName=0x82b9b00 "savegame//6c.es", saveType=4)
    at game.c:3042
#6  0x080abe07 in gameLoop () at loop.c:584
#7  0x080ad758 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbfc140a4) at main.c:624
(gdb) print g_apTrack[iTrack]
$1 = (TRACK *) 0x0

> >BTW, does anyone know if the music.wpl and the neos tracks will make a
> >re-appearance?  They were quite good. 
> The code is still in there. Just copy the music directory from
> an old version and it will work.

Heh, well, I managed to get it to work, buuuut....
in lib/sound, I had to modify the code slightly.  PlayList_Load loads
from the static directory "music", and in that routine, it's using the
standard fopen() et. al. calls, and not the PhysicsFS calls.  So I had
to change the string to DEFAULT_DATA_DIR/music (via an sprintf & a new

Putting the music in my own .warzone-2.0 dir didn't do anything.

Should those file references get re-done to the PhysicsFS?  Is that
something I could/should do?



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