Am Samstag, 23. September 2006 21:54 schrieb Dennis Schridde:
> Am Samstag, 23. September 2006 21:20 schrieb Per Inge Mathisen:
> > If you wish to hear what the FSF legal gurus think (and that might be
> > a good idea anyhow just as long as you do not ask them to do
> > anything), talk to the fine people at
> > . They are there to give legal advice to free software projects, and
> > they are the best. The letter Christian drafted is not bad, and could
> > be sent to them, minus the parts where we ask them to do stuff, which
> > I think we should let them suggest, if they think it worthwhile.
> What did he ask them to do?
> Maybe I just didn't get it fully...
Given the fact that I asked for asking them if they could offer us any help in 
writing letters to Eidos:
Perhaps it was not such a good idea.

But on the other hand simply assuming that the data is GPL doesn't sound very 
good to me now that I heard several interpretations of that readme and 
actually read it myself.
We could assume that it is not GPL without any problems. But that would give 
us the problem that we don't have no data anymore... :(

So my opinion was (and that's why I started all this) that if we would get a 
final word from Eidos (if they hold the copyright) then it would at least 
make clear if the data is or is not GPL.

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