Am Samstag, 30. September 2006 17:30 schrieb Stefan Huehner:
> Hi,
> attached patch cleans up the RES_TYPE_MIN structure defined in
> src/data.c. This is a smaller version of the RES_TYPE structure in
> lib/framework/frameresource.h which has some more fields.
> Instead of removing the unused fields from RES_TYPE_MIN as done in the
> attached patch, we could alternatively use the RES_TYPE structure in
> src/data.c too, and initialize the not needed values to NULL here.
I just read that RES_TYPE_MIN was introduced for the PSX. Is that true or 
might there be any other reason?
If that is the only reason, and RES_TYPE_MIN is just a smaller version of 
RES_TYPE and RES_TYPE could be used instead and give not (logical/design) 
problems, then I think we should eliminate those extra type...
(Use RES_TYPE instead of RES_TYPE_MIN.)


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