Am Dienstag, 10. Oktober 2006 19:19 schrieb Per Inge Mathisen:
> On 10/10/06, Christian Ohm <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > >       Copyright (c) Eidos Interactive and others.
> Are we sure we know who actually owns the copyright these days? I am
> not. So I would not be entirely comfortable adding possibly erronous
> copyright claims on behalf of third parties...
> Actually, I do not see the great need to add such headers.
As far as I understood the GPL (or those parts I read) it says that each file 
needs a notice about the license and copyright notices...
That's why I got the idea to add them. (Pretty easy with some cat magic.)
My current only concern is that we comply with the GPL in parts we know it is 
GPL and express our intention of "good faith" in other parts.
My idea was that this helps with the expression...

>> Who owns the copyright in 1999 <<
Doesn't somebody got a manual or box of Warzone from the time of the original 
release? As far as I know there is _always_ a copyright notice in the manual 
that tells you about the game etc.
So at least for that time we can be sure. (For later times we still have to 
ask of course.)


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