Dennis Schridde schreef:
> Am Mittwoch, 15. November 2006 10:37 schrieb Giel van Schijndel:
>> Dennis Schridde schreef:
>>> Am Montag, 13. November 2006 20:27 schrieb Dennis Schridde:
>>>> Updates on Warzone Licensing.
>>>> As you can read in the forwarded mail Virgil is still in touch with Alex
>>>> McLean and I am optimistic that there will be good results for us.
>>>> As we probably don't want to wait with the 2.0.5 release till February
>>>> (even though it was delayed for loooong allready), I think it is best to
>>>> get some readme's and license files written,
>>>> which say that we are in touch
>>>> with Alex and working on getting the clear statement from him that
>>>> everything released on 06.12.2004 in that file is GPLed
>>> Per meant on IRC that it would probably be better to not say anything
>>> about that in the readme/license for now, but give it as a present when
>>> it happens that we get the statement.
>>> Sounds reasonable so far, question is what do we want to tell instead?
>>> Some distros were unsure whether to include the data or not due to the
>>> legaly unclear state, so it probably won't help if we say we distribute
>>> it under the GPL even though we can't be sure it is, would it?
>>> Do we want to inform them of our doings in this case or just wait till we
>>> get a response from Alex? (And hope we get it at all, otherwise we are in
>>> no clearer position as before, besides the fact that we know we
>>> distributed something as GPL which till then is not.)
>>> --Dennis
>>> PS: Sorry Christian that I forgot to write this earlier and you allready
>>> worked out a proposal. :(
>> I think we should inform everyone that the current legal state of the
>> data is unclear. Simply because this is the truth. We should not claim
>> it is legal to distribute it under GPL while we aren't sure that it is.
> So you proposal for the license file?
I was at school at the time of writing that mail so didn't had a lot of
Attached however I have a proposal.

If you have any form of (constructive by preference) criticism on it,
please do say so.

PS My keyboard is dying so there might be some typos in there
(especially the b and n characters, independently from case that is).


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