Am Samstag, 25. November 2006 08:21 schrieb [EMAIL PROTECTED]:
> I was checking out the forums, and I noticed this posted by
> DevUrandom:
> "The addon.lev will work with 2.0, but in 2.1 Warzone will go mad,
> because of the "\"...
> I guess this is created with Qamly's mapeditor? So for 2.1 we badly
> need a new one..."
> What exactly is planned in 2.1 to break the mapeditor output files?
>  Is there anything else in 2.1 that will break things besides
> balance & gameplay?  Or has this talk about adding multiple turrets
> and stuff like this only for skirmish/mp games?
> You don't really mean "\" in paths breaks 2.1 do you?
Yes I mean that.

> If so, then why do not you do what seems to be Qamly's fix for this
> issue?
Because I removed it from the source and converted all existing files to use 
platform independend paths.

What would be an option is to run a script (I allready have a variant of that, 
which could be used for maps as well) to import the map into Warzone.
That wouldn't bring the need to convert every path we use, but would move that 
need to the map developer.

Also Per was working on getting the ingame mapeditor to work, which would be 
far better than any WorldEdit32 that must be run under Wine on Linux and 
probably will never run on Mac at all.


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