thats what i thought.  but now to have that confirmed... is great.
now i look elsewhere.
i still think its dx / vid card drivers ... or some such combination.
but that one dd(?) error ... i have seen that before and discussed
that with cowboy a very long time ago... hell must have been 2002 or
2003... cant remember the outcome but it was logged on the old p2 that
was backed up on cowboys server..which is now giving errors... so i
cant check it.
oh well ,,, anyways... just completed a check using an LND from rman
virgil  - with excellent success i might add... so now i will ship it
back to him and we go from there.

stay tuned. :)


DevUrandom wrote:
"I still believe that changing all '\' to '/'will also have changed
some binary code or Windows filesystem related code...
Someone might want to decompile it... What language did you say it
was written in? Do we know which compiler created the code?"

Huh? The paths were stored in strings.  Changing \ to / should have
no impact that I can tell.  No code was change at all.
The original program is mfc & dx.  I also assume the compiler was
the same one Qanly was using with WZ.

I don't know why only I and lav_coyote do not have issues?
Directory is set as folows.
B:\Beta World Editor 32 bit -128 by128 -png Beta
B:\Beta World Editor 32 bit -128 by128 -png Beta\SAMPLES
B:\Beta World Editor 32 bit -128 by128 -png Beta\SAMPLES
B:\Beta World Editor 32 bit -128 by128 -png Beta\SAMPLES
B:\Beta World Editor 32 bit -128 by128 -png Beta\SAMPLES
B:\Beta World Editor 32 bit -128 by128 -png Beta\Newmaps
When first program run, you set them as above.  Hit the 'set'
button.  Hit the 'ok' button.  Now exit out of program.  Run
program again.  Pick 'open project' from File menu.  You should see
directory program was installed to. 'B:\Beta World Editor 32 bit -
128 by128 -png Beta' You then double click on SAMPLES directory.
Then pick the map10a.lnd file.  Should load no problems.

Then pick the 'green' top button, and type uniques name. (like
'happynewyear'  without the .gam extenstion)  Then program says
'set initial scroll limits'  You leave default of 'entire map'.
Then it outputs:
Player 0 : Structures 126 , Walls 100 , Units 5
Player 1 : Structures 57 , Walls 0 , Units 5
Player 2 : Structures 46 , Walls 0 , Units 5
Player 3 : Structures 109 , Walls 0 , Units 5

Total Structures 338
Total Walls 100
Total Units 20

Features 102

Copy the mapname.wz file into the warzone\maps directory.
If you use CUSTOM textures, you must copy into the .wz yourself.
Also remember, IF you use CUSTOM textures, they MUST be named just
the original set, and their MUST be 2 copies of it.
One should be called tertilesc1HW.pcx//png and the other should be
This is if you modified the original tertilesc1.pcx//png that is!
Then those files should be included in a texpages direcotry.

So if not see this, then I think something user not doing correct?

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