Giel van Schijndel schreef:
> Per Inge Mathisen schreef:
>> On 12/31/06, Giel van Schijndel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>> If you apply these patches to a clean repository it won't compile
>>> because some source files still depend on the MALLOC and FREE macros.
>> The MALLOC and FREE macros are still there, in mem.h, just defined
>> differently.
>> Did you try it?
> Ah, just noticed I've just trashed the entire mem.h file.
> Compiles fine now.
> When looking at the code I'm guessing that all you've changed is the
> removal of all direct calls to the blockheap system throughout all src/
> files?
> Wen just scanning the diffs the modifications look quite nice to me. All
> runtime that I've already had with the produced executable has had no
> problems (in fact it had a few less problems).
> A huge difference I'm noticing is that now my FPS actually comes above
> 25 on my laptop. Before using your patch I'd only have an FPS between
> 18-25 (yes the FPS limit was set on 60 as well then), now it runs on 60
> while 60 currently is my set limit.
Seems that when applying your patch either an existing bug gets exposed
or a new one created.

For every time when I now encounter enemy units approaching me over a
hill (or some other terrain that requires height checking for
visibility) an assert gets fired from src/visibility.c:164 (in function:
SDWORD visObjHeight(BASE_OBJECT *psObject)). It seems like the memory
which contains psObject now somehow gets corrupted which causes
psObject->type to be overwritten. I'm guessing this is now being exposed
because the previous malloc allocated 32 bytes extra before and after
the requested memspace as a safety zone.


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