Am Montag, 1. Januar 2007 19:10 schrieb Troman:
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> >Am Sonntag, 31. Dezember 2006 23:10 schrieb Troman:
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> >> >Subject: [Warzone-commits] r590 - /trunk/src/projectile.c
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> >> >
> >> >Author: devurandom
> >> >Date: Sun Dec 31 20:54:46 2006
> >> >New Revision: 590
> >> >
> >> >URL:
> >> >Log:
> >> >Fix broken SCOURGEs yet again. Please check your patches before
> >> >commiting...
> >> >(SCOURGEs exploded immediately when launched.)
> >>
> >> Strange, scourges worked for me when I tested,
> >
> >Well they didn't work when I checked it out, because of this change:
> >
> >f&r1=587&r2=586&p1=trunk/src/projectile.c&p2=/trunk/src/projectile.c which
> > I stripped from his patches, because it broke the scourges...
> Devurandom, I think I tested this patch throughly enough with all in all
> more than a day dedicated to reviewing and testing. Whenever I make
> mistakes and we are not making something of nothing I'm ready to stand to
> them, but I hope you understand checking each weapon after each patch is
> something none of us can afford.
> If this bug was re-introduced this could be due to the conflicts in
> projectile.c which is still a bummer and I'm glad you fixed it, but I don't
> think this is a reason enough to groundlessly accuse anyone of being
> careless out of the blue because of that.
I am _very_ sorry if you misunderstood that!

Actually I meant that Watermelon should check more thoroughly if the changes 
he makes don't break anything.
I know and understand that you can't check every weapon.
But Watermelon could have checked the weapons he modified. And if he did it, 
this all wouldn't have happened, since there would not have been 2 patches 
with some bug in it. (While I still don't understand why he wanted to stop 
homing missiles from ... homing.)

Again I don't want to attack anyone, incl. Watermelon, but it would be nice if 
he could submit his patches with better testing or explicitly state that they 
are untested.

I think this another confusion, because of my ambigous use of "you". :(
And probably I also mixed "commit" with "submit", so the confusion was 


PS: At the time I wrote that commit message, I was just a little bit angry 
that a bug which I just stripped out of a patch had suddenly reappeared.

When I tested the other patch, I wondered about the comment about removing 
homing missiles, but didn't notice the problem those few lines created.
That I found the bug was pure luck, because the SCOURGE cyborgs are the last 
in the unit list in the cheat menu. If they wouldn't have been, this bug had 
probably been allready commited earlier by me (and not by you, Troman).
When it then would have been found I wouldn't have feeled any anger, because I 
wouldn't have "just fixed it".

So this is probably just a chain of (bad) luck.
What stays is that Watermelon sometimes seems to submit not very thoroughly 
tested/reviewed patches...
(I really like your changes, they are awesome! It's just that the code seems 
to have more often some apparently overlooked / unchecked changes.)

A (real and honest) tip for you:
Before you submit a patch, review it again. Editors with syntax highlighting 
for GNU diff/patch are certainly a good help for this.
Look at every line, think if they are needed, what they actually do and why 
you changed them.
Then try to test those changes in the game. (Unit-test like.)

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