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> On Mon, 01 Jan 2007 13:10:14 -0500 Troman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >Devurandom, I think I tested this patch throughly enough with all
> >in all
> >more than a day dedicated to reviewing and testing. Whenever I
> >make mistakes
> >and we are not making something of nothing I'm ready to stand to
> >them, but I
> >hope you understand checking each weapon after each patch is
> >something none
> >of us can afford.
> >
> >If this bug was re-introduced this could be due to the conflicts
> >in
> >projectile.c which is still a bummer and I'm glad you fixed it,
> >but I don't
> >think this is a reason enough to groundlessly accuse anyone of
> >being
> >careless out of the blue because of that.
> I wonder, if we have the biggest map available, (250x250), and have
> all units possible on that map caged off (like build walls around
> them), would that make it easier to test all units?  I think
> EditWorld can help in this?
> This would catch most errors I am guessing.
> We would just need a person with enough grey matter to make said
> map.
I don't know if that would help much...
You could test if the game crashes or similar, maybe you can even find out 
that a missile explodes right when it is launched, if you know that you need 
to look for it. (Which we didn't in this case.)

I wondered myself if it is possible to setup some kind of unittest. But I 
currently can't imagine one I am sure would bring any benefit.
There is just so much that could be wrong...

_If_ we had the logic seperated from the graphics/sound/etc. we could run some 
probability tests to see if a missile hits 50% of the time on a target 100m 
away or similar. Eg. feed that system with some target balancing and see if 
the current engine and data match it.
But sadly we can't have the logic seperate atm. :(


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