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Subject: [Warzone-commits] r592 - in /trunk: lib/script/chat_parser.y lib/script/parse.h >lib/script/script_lexer.l lib/script/script_parser.y src/scriptfuncs.c src/scriptfuncs.h src/scripttabs.c

Author: troman
Date: Tue Jan  2 21:12:14 2007
New Revision: 592

URL: http://svn.gna.org/viewcvs/warzone?rev=592&view=rev
-Implemented C-like #include preprocessor directive for the scripting engine, can be used up to depth of >MAX_SCR_INCLUDE_DEPTH. Unlike C counterpart main purpose is to reuse executable and non->executable code.

#include "multiplay/skirmish/my_include.slo"

-Implemented C-like #define preprocessor directive. Nested macros allowed with up to depth of >MAX_SCR_MACRO_DEPTH. -Added a script function for a fast feature iteration (returns burning as well as non-burning oil resources)
-Replaced some custom Pumpkin routines with default FLEX routines
-Some cleanups

Some additional scripting comfort.

If that breaks any stuff on other compilers please let me know.


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