On Fri, 05 Jan 2007 17:07:33 -0500 Joonas Sarajärvi 
>The Watermelon kirjoitti:
>>     You also have to remember that if you do increase it, and 
>>     get up to that many units, the game may becomes a slideshow.
>>     Depending on system of course.
>>     Do we have a minimum requirement for this game that we are 
>>     to?
>> I think the current bottleneck of overall performance is the 
>> draw functions,not units ai/coords/info update functions,and 
>there will 
>> always be more rooms for optimizations for units 'update' 
>functions even 
>> if it becomes the major performance killer one day.

>Hello, this is my first posting here. I am posting this via gmane 
>so I 
>don't know if this really works.
>Anyways, could the unit limits be made configurable? At least in 
>skirmirh games?

Yes, I see your post, so it seems to work. :)

Yes, it could be made like that, but the problem is the GUI.  It 
isn't easy to do anything with it really.  

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