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Subject: [Warzone-dev] Music playlists

I think it would be a good idea to start adding some of the music that
has been made, just to show that we care. So I had a look at the
playlist code, and was a bit surprised at why it was made the way it
is. Basically, the current playlist code was made after the code
release, and just uses the text file data/music/music.wpl as a list.

There is also a script command "playBackgroundAudio" which looks like
it is supposed to control music from within scripts, and this seems to
me a vastly superior solution. This way a scenario can change the
music soundtrack from its scripts depending on where you are in the
campaign, for example. However, this script command does not seem to
be used anywhere, and ends up in a dummy function

I think I would prefer fixing the script function, rather than keeping
the playlist code. What is the opinion of everyone else? Troman, you
are the script guru, any thoughts?

 - Per

Sorry, wasn't online in the last few days.

Per, do you want scripts to be able to create/manage playlists or just start some soundtrack with playBackgroundAudio()?

Not sure what exactly you have in mind, but as I see it all we need is an interface between scripts and some wz playlist functionality, and in either case that should be fairy easy to add the necessary script functions.


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