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Could you explain what this is in more detail? I think I don't understand
language... ("ammo of a rearm droid carries"?)

Is it the amount of units a rearm-droid (like repair-droid) can rearm,
till he
needs to rearm himself?
In that case: Wouldn't it be better to just give the rearm-droid ammo,
which he can provide to other units by rearming them?

- rearm-droid has 10000 ammo
- it rearms a mg(1:1), mortar(20:1), archangle(50:1) droid with 1000 shots
- rearm-droid has 9000 ammo left
- combat droid has 1000 ammo
- it shoots 100 shots with mg: 1000 - 100 = 900
- 10 shots with mortar: 900 - 200 = 700
- 10 shots with archangle: 700 - 500 = 200
- combat-droid has 200 ammo left

This would require following variables for weapons:
- ammo-costs (1 for MG, 10 for mortar, 50 for archangle ...)
And for droids:
- max-ammo (eg. 500 for light-viper, 1k for heavy-"viper", 10k for
- current-ammo

the amount of ammo of a weapon(numMags in WEAPON struct) is stored per
weapon in asWeap[DROID_MAXWEAPS],they dont share standardized ammo
'units',for example:
a droid with 1 mg and 1 cannon
asWeap[0].numMags = 300 //the droid's mg has 300 rounds
asWeap[1].numMags = 30 //the droid's cannon has 30 rounds

the exact max numMags is defined in weapons.txt,all 'old' weapons have
negative numMags(infinite),so the changes wont affect the stock wz.

the amount of standardized ammo 'units'(numMags in DROID struct) is used by
rearm droid with COMP_REARMUNIT only to store the current ammo on this rearm

I have no plan to add limited ammo to stock wz,because it might upset the

It may allready be a bit late, but we'd really prefer if you would sent
patches in small pieces and _not_ one 500KB chunk...
That makes it very difficult to test and review and also makes finding
afterwards kind of hard...

If somehow possible, please split it into smaller, incremental patches.
patch1: limited ammo
patch2: rearm turret
patch2: rearm centre
Everytime incl. the changed data.


I dont think those changes can be splitted into smaller patches,because wz
source files just 'depends' each other...whenever you make some radical
changes to any single file,the modifications to other files will become

Also,I dont know when this patch will be finished/tested,because the
current source structures are not very friendly to maintain,it seems to me
the source becomes even harder to understand for every new
variable/struct/function or whatever I added,imo we need someone to
spearheaded the refactoring of wz,though it will surely be a tough and
tedious one...
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