Am Montag, 5. Februar 2007 schrieb Ari Johnson:
> As soon as I click Continue Game after the away mission when you first
> encounter the orange enemies, there is a crash with the following
> output:
> error:      pie_ReloadTexPage failed
> error:      Assert in Warzone: data.c:916 : bufferTexPageLoad (id
> >=0), last script event: 'nextLevEvnt'
> data.c:916: failed assertion `id >=0'
> The actual value of 'id' here is -1.
> Is this Mac-only?
Is this introduced by my latest changes or is it present "since ever"?

When I did my testing of r708, I clicked the continue button several times 
inbetween CAM_1x and CAM_2A and it did never crash.
But I don't know which mission you mean (not a Warzone-Player...) and as I 
don't have a savegame either, I can't test it.

Which "texfile" is it trying to load at that moment? Maybe that can give a 


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