I was adding some script functions to add the ability to enable/disable
design window and techshare in mp,then I suddenly noticed that some of the
script functions are undocumented in scriptlang.rtf.

the following lines in bold should be inserted to scriptlang.rtf between
as they are the 'new' script functions added by Troman and others after the
source release I think.
I dont have a tool to insert those lines to scriptlang.rtf without breaking
the hideous richtext tags,
so I decide to post them there,so that someone can do this for me...
*VOID debugMenu
Show/Hide multiplayer debug menu.*

*VOID setDebugMenuEntry { STRING string, INT index }
Set debug menu output string,string:text string
index:index id of debug menu entry.*

*VOID scrSetTileHeight { INT tileX, INT tileY, INT newheight }
Modifies height of the tile with tileX,tileY coords specified to new height.

*VOID  processChatMsg { STRING string }
Process STRING string.*

*STRING getChatCmdDescription { INT index }
Returns a string representing a certain chat command,
based on the command index provided.*

*INT getNumArgsInCmd
Returns number of command arguments for a certain
chat command that could be extracted.*

*BOOL getChatCmdParam { INT commandIndex, INT paramIndex }
Returns a certain parameter of a certain chat command.
Returns FALSE if failed.*

*BOOL chatCmdIsPlayerAddressed { INT commandIndex, INT player }
Returns true if a certain command was addressed to a certain player.*
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