Am Dienstag, 6. Februar 2007 schrieb Christian Ohm:
> Hello everyone,
> Here are a few comments and things I've noticed recently:
> - In the trunk the selection box is filled with a transparent overlay,
>   which is 1 pixel too narrow and too low. The first attached patch
>   fixes that, but the actual error might be hidden somewhere deeper.
> - The attached patch also disables the pulsing of the selection box. I
>   think the pulsing is irritating, since the selection box usually isn't
>   even on-screen for one pulse cycle (at least for my usage).  That part
>   is mainly a request for comments and should be made configurable.
I think it looks a little bit "cool"...

> - The radar view indicator fix and possibly the fixed selection box
>   patch could both be applied to 2.0.
Yes, that would be nice.

> - 2.0 doesn't include some of the g++ fixes, thus RegFilePath is defined
>   twice. That might be the cause of the empty config file problem, the
>   second attached patch fixes the double definition.
The debug output clearly says that it wants to write file "config" of size 0. 
So I think the RegFilePath is setup correctly and handed through the various 
sourcecode files correctly.
Will include the patch anyway.

> - When using the Windows installer for 2.0.5 as a regular user, when
>   selecting a write-protected directory the installer just aborts
>   instead of offering to select another directory.
I can have a look whether there is any example on the NSIS pages, showing how 
to do this. But currently I think this is more a fault of NSIS and is thus 
out of reach.

> - The german description of Grim's graphics update in the installer was
>   somewhat strange.
Written by me. ;) What's strange with it?
(BTW: I just recognized that the english version should have "the same" 
strange description, but I mixed up TEXT and DESC, what might be the reason 
it is not shown.)

  LangString TEXT_SecGrimMod ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Grim's art update. Replaces 
campaign 1 textures with more detailed ones. Also includes some other texture 
and model updates. License: NON GPL: Copyright by Grim. Use is only permited 
for Warzone 2100 GPL."
  LangString DESC_SecGrimMod ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Grim's art update"

  LangString TEXT_SecGrimMod ${LANG_GERMAN} "Grims Grafik Update"
  LangString DESC_SecGrimMod ${LANG_GERMAN} "Grims Grafik Update. Ersetzt 
Kampagne 1 Texturen mit Detailieren. Enth�t auch einige andere Textur und 
Model updates. Lizenz: Nicht GPL: Copyright by Grim. Verwendung nur fr 
Warzone 2100 GPL gestattet."

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