On Wednesday, 14 February 2007 at 19:06, Dennis Schridde wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, 14. Februar 2007 schrieb Christian Ohm:
> > On Wednesday, 14 February 2007 at 17:52, Dennis Schridde wrote:
> > > Backport r746
> >
> > Small request: Could you (and everyone else) please add a short
> > description of what the backported revision actually contains? Half the
> > log of 2.0 consists of "Backport of rXXX", which isn't very helpful.
> You could look into the comment for revision 746...

Yeah, or look at the patch to figure out what it does. But, you know,
add the description once when comitting instead of everyone having to
look it up later...

> But ok, I will add a short comment next time.


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