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Using backtrace_symbols() gives you some more information, but it is
still very hard to read. It is nothing compared to the output given by
gdb. Anyway, you can see if by pasting this into your gdmp.c:

       char **result = backtrace_symbols(btBuffer, btSize);

       if (result != NULL) {
               int i;

               fprintf(stdout, "Backtrace with symbols:\n");
               for (i = 0; i < btSize; i++) {
                       fprintf(stdout, "%i: %s\n", i, result[i]);
       } else {
               fprintf(stderr, "backtrace_symbols failed");

backtrace_symbols_fd() is safer, though. You must compile with -rdynamic

Also see "info Backtrace glibc". The best would be to automatically
connect gdb to the program and give a "bt full" dump. If you
automatically emailed that back to us, it would be an invaluable debug
aid, and a massive privacy violation ;-)

 - Per

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