On Sat, 24 Feb 2007 15:13:44 -0500 Per Inge Mathisen 
>Having experienced the randomly missing visual fog bug myself, I
>thought I would look into the fog code today. That was not a happy
>encounter. What a mess!

>  - Per

I no look at code myself, but I read in changelog that it was fixed 
in the version at berlios.  Maybe if you compare them, it help?

I try to do this myself, but I gets  'network mangled data' error, 
I can not solve why.

This is changelog, - 20051023
* Fixes:
 - Fog works
 - Memory overrun in texture code
 - Infinite loop in audio code
 - Allies must be visible in MP/skirmish
 - Double/empty multiplayer messages
 - Closing of OpenAL context on Windows only (see bug #4967)
 - Compiler warnings
* For other changes see the SVN log revisions pre 284.

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