i just browsed a bit in the TA-Spring (http://spring.clan-sy.com/) source and saw that their lobbs server/client is licensed and released under the GPL as well. And there is still, quite a bit but detailed, documenentation about the lobby protocoll.

The lobbyserver itself is written in Java and the (GUI)Client in Python.

That would save quite some development time and ist flexible.
And i hope it would be not very much work to implement it.

I think the only thing some of you may hate, that it would may require a external starter für multiplayergames. (I would prefeer it, like mentioned before here: http://wz2100.net/forum/index.php?topic=97.0)

Otherwise, all players would/can have a own account with statistic/location/language tracking. And a IRC like chatting / clan system.

I hope the others will approve this too.
There are many benefits.

- Regards, Kamaze

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