> I thought that was issue, and I did something wrong.  Nice to know 
> this bug happens to others.
You mean the empty config file I assume? Yep it does happen to others
(i.e. me).
> In loadConfig() It calls openWarzoneKey(), it always return true.  
> Even if error on registry_load() call on line 192 in configfile.c
> ...
>       debug(LOG_WZ, "Parsing the registry from %s", filename);
>       if (filesize == 0 || strlen(bptr) == 0) {
>               debug(LOG_ERROR, "Registry file %s is empty!", filename);
>               return FALSE;
> ...
> In openWarzoneKey(), if registry_load() fails, it should init the 
> config file yes?
I'm assuming yes, it should fill the config file with default values
then. Still looking into that atm.
> In linux, is there good debugger like MSVS2005 has
Yep, GNU delivers us the GNU DeBugger, also known as gdb (just type
`sudo aptitude install gdb` in a shell console on your ubuntu system, or
install the package `gdb` using your favourite package manager, e.g. adept).

If that is installed (already is installed I think, from looking at your
dumpfile) you can just run warzone in gdb.

To do so, in a terminal emulator, start gdb with the warzone binary as
its argument: e.g. `gdb warzone2100` (when the binary is in your path or
your current directory). Then simply type `run` in the console you'll
get from gdb and type `bt` (shorthand for `backtrace`) or `bt full` when
it crashes.


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