Am Montag, 16. April 2007 schrieb The Watermelon:
> Just wonder if these features are still desired or not,cause most of them
> are from old threads mega-bumped by Rman Virgil):
> 1.finite ammo + rearm facility + rearm components
> 2.shipyard/barracks/airfield
> 3.factions
> 4.the ability to completely disable tech share/design in mp via script
> functions
> I am a bit winded up synchronizing the huge patch(actually the data part is
> already broken due to some data folder movement I think) that includes
> these unfinished features,since the svn is still being changed
> rapidly,maybe someone can shine some light on which one(s) are mostly
> wanted,so that I can focus on them and drop the rest for now.
I'd vote for 1 and 3 (in that order).


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