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>> After looking at both gamelogics and netcode of wz relatively
>> extensively,I figured out that it's not only netcode that makes wz
>> unplayable in MP,but also the non-constant gamelogics update rate
>> makes the synchronization process impossible,because the PC spec
>> varies from player to player in a mp game.
>> IMO we will need to fix the non-constant gameframe problem first
>> and see the results of such fix before trying to rewrite the
>> netcode,maybe the net desynchronize is 'suddenly' fixed once we fix
>> the gameframe stuff...
> Was anyone heavy player of 1.x WZ?  How was netcode with that? WZ 2.x
> net code was all new I think because of no DX networking, so I
> thought problem is with that.  If 1.x has same issue, then it is
> design problem ?

One of the problems in game logic timing was that the maximum turn rate
of units depended on the frame rate. So on a fast machine units turned
faster and thus moved differently then on slow machines. That should now
be fixed, so maybe the sync problems are less now?

Problems like that one exist everywhere where there is an effect that
works slowly over time, where the result is stored in an integer. The
integer means there is a minimum effect of 1, so on fast machines there
will be a minimum effect of 1 per frame.

Ones I can think of are flame damage (burning units), and movement.


almost everything will be affected by this problem,in current mp games,a
player's game runs at 40fps will update 2x as frequent as the one with
20fps,so the desync will happen in every aspect of the game after relatively
long time of playing imo.
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