> And for the game logics: Yes, they should be independend from the 
> input/output 
> system.
> There are 3 ways I currently imagine how this could work:
> 1. Use SDL_framerate for the mainloop and skip over every subsystem which 
> requests a lower fps than that.
> 2. Control the subsystems via events.
> 3. Use threads.
> Effort is probably increasing from 1 to 3, while the positive effect should 
> improve in the same direction.

Though threading parts of the app would be great, I'm not sure it would 
address the overall frame rate/interrupt problem  - There would still 
have to be a master loop, just some things would be asynchronous, fired 
off by user events or conditions within the master loop.
I'm sure I'm not understanding this right..

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