On 5/14/07, Dennis Schridde <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Am Montag, 14. Mai 2007 schrieb Ari Johnson:
> > Here is a list of what I can see right now:
> >
> > 1. Many many lines of output that says "(event handler):Undefined value"
> No idea what you mean by this... The debug() output is broken?

Actually, I have found that this probably comes from something other
than Warzone.  I was blaming Warzone for it being in my console log
because of the new event-driven changes.  False alarm here, I think.

> > 2. Really ugly transport shadow - it darkens the whole area from the
> > transport down to the ground.  Is this on purpose?
> > 3. Crash the first time a unit shoots its machine gun.  The crash is
> > at piedraw.c line 357, and comes from renderProjectile at display3d.c
> > line 1261 which sets pIMD = psStats->pInFlightGraphic which is NULL
> > 4. Pausing when in the background.  I don't like this at all.
> I can make that configurable.

That would be nice.  I like to switch to IM windows and leave the game
running while I have a quick conversation, sometimes. :)

> > 5. User interface is not entirely displayed.  The radar, debug info
> > (mission name and timer), and mission timer (upper right corner) are
> > displayed, but the console output (expanded or otherwise) and the main
> > command buttons are not displayed.
> That's odd. I get the full UI here. (At least I think I do.)

Is there a difference in the order things are drawn or something?  The
UI stuff never has shown up on screenshots on the Mac so maybe it's
related to how SDL draws things on the Mac.  I don't know much about
this stuff but maybe someone has a clue about what recent change (the
past week or two) might be at fault.  I could also go back one change
at a time until it works, but that takes a lot of time that could be
saved if anyone has a hint.

> > 6. The exception handler appears to be basically worthless.  What
> > would I have to do to disable it on the Mac, so I can go toward a
> > Mac-style solution to this (using Apple's built-in crash reporter or
> > something)?
> lib/framework/exceptionhandler.c
> Just add a #if defined(WZ_OS_MAC) section to it.

I'll try that.

> > 7. If I go on an away mission and wait long enough instead of opening
> > fire to crash under #3 above, then I still get the crash where "the
> > build locations are not on the map" at droid.c line 3748.  I have been
> > getting this for a while, and it happens when a droid is built by a
> > factory that is on my home base when I'm on an away mission.
> > 8. I don't get any debugging output to the console anymore other than
> > the #1 string above.  That includes the ASSERT message in #7, which I
> > always used to get.
> No idea why that happens...
> Maybe lib/framework/debug.c can reveal it?

This one was my fault.  It wasn't running with --debug.  I may add a
bit to make that happen automatically for Mac debug builds, to let you
run it from within Xcode without having to go through all sorts of
hoops to have --debug set.

> > That's all I can find right now, but I'm sure more will turn up if I
> > can get past the fact I don't have a user interface and it crashes the
> > first time a shot is fired.
> >
> > I hope someone has some ideas for what's going wrong, since Warzone
> > has been basically unplayable on the Mac since that #7 thing started
> > happening, and it's just getting worse.  I don't have enough spare
> > time to debug everything without the people who introduced the bugs
> > helping me out, so basically we don't have a Mac version right now.  I
> > want to fix that, but I just need some help in getting it done.
> I'd like to help where I can. If something I changed breaks something, just
> tell me. Besides of that I currently bother more about experimenting with how
> parts could be rewritten, which also might render one or the other problem
> solved.

I don't keep close track of who changes what, but if I find something
that's your fault I'll let you know. :)

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