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> Am Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2007 schrieb Jose Ivey:
> > Everything seems to be working again. Power bar display is fine, no
> > more memory allocation crashes, multiple turrets work fine, no more
> > off map errors.
> Huh?
> Does that mean that the crashes, the event-mainloop was
> blamed for, don't happen anymore, either?

They don't  - and I am sorry for pointing the finger at the event stuff.

I followed the same procedure as always - clean solution, then delete
remaining script/parser header and c files in the win32, and build. Start a
new skirmish and play through. This is the first time since 127x I had no
problems and the display worked correctly. I even wiped the svn directory
and downloaded the entire source twice since 127x to make sure I didn't have
corrupt files.  This is the first time it played through without errors.
I've made not updates to MSVC or my system. I have no explanation.

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