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> On Tue, 29 May 2007 16:13:52 -0400 Dennis Schridde
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> >> Why that very bad programming style?  Once you free pointer, how
> >> else you know it free if no set to NULL?
> >
> >I usualy know that a pointer is invalid by setting it to NULL.
> Yes, so FREE(temp) is really free(temp) temp=NULL;
> If you leave free(temp) without setting to NULL, then program never
> knows it was free before.
> I still no see why this bad programming style?
If you need that pointer afterwards, you can set it to NULL. If you don't, 
just leave it alone.

> >> The malloc memory being
> >> zero out is also standard from projects I have seen.
> >
> >Code that depends on variables to be initialized should do that
> >itself.
> OK, this was just a nicer way I thinks, since use of memset is
> faster than doing lots of assignment to 0 operations.
Memset doesn't have to be called by a macro. You can call it yourself if you 
want to...

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