On 01/06/07, Per Inge Mathisen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I've had a little play this afternoon and am enjoying the game and
> > definitely want to get it sorted for Gutsy's release in November.
> Sounds great!
> > Although Ubuntu does accept .tar.bz2's It would be better if you could
> > release as tar.gz - this is completely unessential though.
> > You have distro-specific buildfiles in your source, (win32, macosx &
> > debian/ ) Would it be possible for you to release a "clean" tarball
> > without any of this? (including without the debian/ )
> May I ask why this three commands shell operation (bunzip2; rm; gzip)
> should be done by us rather than by the package maintainer? I have
> never heard of any such request from any other package maintainer for
> any other free software project I have been involved in. Nor do I see
> why it matters for Ubuntu that there are tiny build scripts for other
> system in the package.
>   - Per

Its a "chain of trust" thing. Best case scenario is that the source
tarball (minus diff) I submit to revu is direct from upstream. Anyone
can independently download the tarball from both locations and md5sum
it to instantly get the same string, knowing that I haven't hacked a
trojan into the original source.

I "could" mess about with debian/rules and get add rules to download
latest source, untar, rm, retar and submit this along with
instructions on how to get-orig-source and check but its a bit more
work on my end and would make it more difficult for me come gutsy+1
when you've also changed your debian/ and my diff won't apply anymore.

As far as I'm aware it is "bad practice" to ship debian/ with your
upstream. Most keep it in seperate svn repositories etc.

If you don't want to do this for me for whatever reason its no problem
and I'll just work around it :)


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