As I am sure some of you know (I have been talking about it non-stop  
on IRC under the alias EvilGuru for the past week or so) I have been  
working on an update to the experience mechanism. In an attempt to  
make the system 'fairer' I have added support for partial kills, with  
units getting experience based off of how much damage they do to a  
unit (as a % of its original body.) So, for example: if a tank  
damages two cyborgs to 50% of their original body it would end up  
with 1 kill overall.

I have tried to do this in as simpler way as possible, and have  
mostly succeeded. However, while it has been working fine in skirmish  
and campaign I need some clarification regarding multiplayer. For you  
see I am unsure how projectiles and the like are dealt with in  
multiplayer, I assumed that it was the same as in skirmish, but in  
multiplay.c on line 1608 there is a function which directly edits a  
droids experience when it kills another unit.

If this is the case then my update would not function (as it is  
incremental) and so would like to know in multiplayer games whose job  
it is to deal with unit experience: the functions in multiplay.c or  
those in projectile.c?

Regards, Freddie.

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