I now trace back many problems now with warzone.  It all  because 
of switch from MALLOC/FREE, and HEAP usage to malloc/free, as I try 
to say before.

I finds that most all crashes I find is because of this, and also 
most all crashes in games both SP and MP is because of this changes.

The game use HEAP, and would always do memset to clear out 
everything.  The game was design this way.  I thinks PS2 is main 
reasons for this, to save many calls, and footprint of code size.

With change to malloc/free no HEAP,  then we have dangling pointers 
(0xdddddddd) use.  We also have many uninit (0xcdcdcdcd) use.

>From svn 1100, reverts back to this.  Now do as in bug 9235, and 
9233 no happen.  Others bugs also no happen.  Then update to next 
version, and now happens all time you try.

Way to part fix is to go through all code and do as I say before.  
We still have problems of copy of structures, since one area may be 
clear and fall out of scope, but copy still here, and when try to 
access, it crash.  This what seem to happen in 9235 & 9233, and 
When game before use HEAP, when clear everything in HEAP was clear 
to NULL.  This how they reset game elements for many things.

Very hard to find memory bugs now.  We gots stack trace, but this 
no show where original 0xdddddddd/0xcdcdcdcd happens.  Is any tools 
to help this?  I no have $1300 for Rational PurifyPlus, which is 
mades to find this.  Anything on linux?  I try efence/valgrind, and 
it no help really.

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