Am Samstag, 30. Juni 2007 schrieb [EMAIL PROTECTED]:
> June 2 ->Oil animation fix health bar.
Wont fix it like this.
Giel is responsible, so I believe in him fixing this issue. (Which shouldn't 
be forgotten... nag nag)

> June 23 ->
> First small patch in data.c fix 1 issue.
Still unknown how this fixes anything as it modifies a var which is nearly out 
of scope...
> Submit again patch for oil health bar fix.
> Next patch fix (avoid) bug #9235 (maybe others also).
Which one is this? The commented out part?
> Shadows for wall are not correct, but this small price to pay
> instead of crashing out of game. Code is just comment out, until
> you devs decide what best way to fix using static local vars.  I
> have no heard any response when ask.  I think it better to do this
> then crash in game when read details on #9235.
> Next small patch fix Vector3i use instead of Vector3f.  Both
> parameters is Vector3f.
Commited in r1633

> June 27->Fix broken menu broken in rev 1606
I think Giel is responsible, so I guess he will fix the issue?
(What is the is the issue, anyway?)

> June 27 ->Enable Fireworks when win again
Gerard said he intended that change...
How should it be fixed?

> June 27->[Warzone-dev] [patch]Re: displayBufferSize &DisplayBuffer
> (change Displaybuffer to GeneralBuffer, cut it from 5MB to 200K)
Will have a look later. Patch is not that small.

> June 30 -> fix lighting
Change was intended. The breakage which resulted from it will be fixed later. 
Till then it remains as a reminder.


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