On 7/7/07, The Watermelon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Sorry, maybe I'm just a little slow, but why would it have invalid
> > facing because it died?
> it shouldnt but sometimes the psActionTarget got freed without setting to
> 0,thus holding some random value and causes the assert.Luckily 'died' flag
> check detects that problem promptly and serves as a crash-proof check I
> guess.

Then the died flag will also have a random value. It just so happens
that > 0 is a more common random value than == 0. This is, IMHO, not a
fix at all. We should fix the root problem, not remove the warnings
indicating that there is a problem.

I've been playing the campaign lately with the reference counting
patch without target problems (lots of *other* problems, though),
which makes me believe the patch may be ready for inclusion soon.

  - Per

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