Am Sonntag, 15. Juli 2007 22:10:00 schrieb The Watermelon:
> There are multiple issues with the pie and modelling,which is one of
> reasons that frustrates GrimMoroe I believe,so I decided to list the issues
> there to ask others for possible solutions.
> 1.Connectors problems
> 1.1 Connector types
> Currently there is no way to tell what a conector does,while the connector
> is actually being used as light in Landing Zone pie and weapon in bodies
> and structures.
Could be done via some kind of naming, eg. like Kage proposed for 

> 1.2 Connector sub-types
> All weapons can be installed on any connector atm,because of the
> obsoleteness of connector
> sub-type(e.g:weapon-small,weapon-medium,weapon-big),so
> the multi-turret will end up as very ugly droid with weapons intersect each
> other.
I think this could/should be a maximum size or maximum weight field instead.
This includes the fix for the original problem (weapons getting into each 
other), while it is still extensible and doesnt add much additional 

> 1.3 Connector rotations.
> connector doesnt have rotation info in current pie format.
In my opinion this is overkill and not needed. A simple normal vector pointing 
to the upside of the connector should be enough.

> Possible solution:
> (1).Add connector rotation info and connector type/subtype to pie format
> This is the solution kage and I proposed,but it will invariably break the
> pieslicer,because extra works are needed to be done on the pie created by
> pieslicer,so this is not feasible imo.
PIESlicer is already broken and will be broken no matter what you do...
It needs to be fixed if we think it is worth fixing (that implies that there 
is someone demanding it to be fixed, which currently only is Grim, provided 
that we create some generic obj2pie (or similar) converter).

Kage already gave a proposal for how these additions could look like.

> (2).Add a plain descriptive text/format to store the extra info
> A plain text file that has identical name as the pie's,to store the
> rotation x,y,z, connector type/sub-type.This file will need to be included
> in wrf and processed after loading a pie,which will certainly increase the
> complexity of wrf/modding.
Afaik Ogre does it similar with .mesh and .skeleton, where .mesh contains the 
mesh and .skeleton the bones. (Bones can be used as connectors.)

> 2.Modelling problems
> 2.1 The choice of tools
> Grim recommends everyone to use pieslicer exclusively to use simply
> because: (1) It's designed specifically for warzone while keeping the
> limits of warzone in mind
These limits have changed and will change further. At least specification 
> (2) ppl will rarely do something 'off' with the help of the 'framework'
> granted by (1)
There is something like freedom of choice. So I wont force anyone to use it. 
Esp. not by removing all other tools, like Grim seems to favour.
Having PIESlicer around for newbs to play with is ok, but I dont want to limit 
anyone to using it.


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