On 8/7/07, Per Inge Mathisen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 8/7/07, The Watermelon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > this patch adds the following functionalities to script:
> >
> > 1.the ability to disable techshare
> > 2.the ability to disable design
> > 3.the ability to remove template from player template list(to remove the
> > initial truck/mg viper)
> > 4.the ability to set/get faction
> >
> > this patch adds a new chooser gui box between team chooser and color
> chooser
> > to choose faction in mp/skirmish setup screen(currently no image for
> > different factions,so it's using teamflag and teamflag - 1 images atm).
> I would love to hear how you intend to implement factions. Some
> discussion beforehand might save a lot of work or grief later on.

I had a semi-working slo/vlo script sets for factions,but I couldnt find it

You should split up the patch to avoid posting giant patches. That
> will improve our ability to read it and find bugs in it, and your
> ability to maintain it, as we can commit indepenent pieces as they are
> completed.
> The script additions, for example, would be excellent as (a) separate
> patch(es).

actually this one is manually stripped from a much bigger one...

I am unsure if removing initial trucks by removing templates is a good
> design This sounds like a pretty bad hack to me. Where do the initial
> trucks and templates come from? IMHO it would be natural if they were
> implemented entirely in the script.

they are hardcoded(viper truck and viper mg)...otherwise I wouldnt need to
add a function to remove them after game initialization via script

If factions are to be specified in scripts, as seems to be the idea,
> how would the mp dialog get the correct limits (eg number of factions
> provided), icons and names for the factions? We would need to load
> some scripts before the game is even loaded to achieve this (but that
> may not be a bad idea).
>   - Per

they are specified in scripts,though preloading scripts before the game
start is not possible i think,it seems the script is only compiled and
executed during a game's initialization.
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