Am Sonntag, 12. August 2007 18:57:34 schrieb Thomas Rösner:
> Hi,
> kim metcalfe schrieb:
> >    unsure if the germanic heraldic
> > had this...
> Thanks, I used "Lindwurm" - that's close enough. The last weapon giving
> me trouble is the Ground Shaker Howitzer. There's no catchy direct
> translation ("Bodenrüttler" or "Erdschüttler" sounds awkward, then again
> so do many weapon names), and  I'm not sure if I should make up
> something. Something close would be "(Erd-)Bebenhaubitze" ("(Earth-)
> Quake Howitzer"). Anyway, any name I'll choose can be changed quite
> easily with search and replace once it's there.
At least that translation sounds funny. ;)
Honestly, I think it (Erdbebenhaubitze) is ok...


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