I would like to know why the data/texpages/tertiles*hw.radar files are
being specified in the *.wrf files without the ".radar" bit.

This because currently (except for the radar files) every resource
"identifier" in the *.wrf files are explicit filenames. This
explicitness is broken when radar colors (& terrain tiles) are being
loaded without the extension specified.

So I propose that instead of hardcoded appended file extensions
(src/texture.c:texLoad() appends the ".radar" bit) we change/expand the
*.radar files' format to a file format describing the entire tileset.
This will then include a list of directories that contain the tiles. And
the radar colours can then either also be contained in that file or
could otherwise also be referred to from the same tileset file.

Hope I'm not being too fuzzy here.


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