On Wednesday, 14 November 2007 at 22:38, Freddie Witherden wrote:
> * https://gna.org/bugs/?10302 -- Reported on multiple OSs and a  
> blocker IMO
> * https://gna.org/bugs/?10298 -- Unsure about the root cause of this,  
> may be Mac specific

There's also https://gna.org/bugs/?10153, the sound problem on Linux
(the title is a bit misleading, the invalid pointers are only a problem
when compiling a debug version, and can just be commented out).

> * https://gna.org/patch/?845 -- Assuming there are no technical  
> issues (being a semi-bodge job notwithstanding, this should hopefully  
> be the last 2.0 release).

Hey, I think it's the best solution without rewriting the terrain
texture handling.

> If that's it then I think 2.0.8 might not be /that/ far off, week and  
> a bit maybe. The shorter time gap between release candidates and  
> releases the better, otherwise people might call 2.0.8 RC1 2.0.8.

Well, I'd just add patch 845, and release a 2.0.8rc2 right now (or after
writing the release notes). Since we don't have any clues about the
causes of those three bugs (or do we?), it's no use waiting any longer
for any sudden inspirations, instead mention those bugs in the release
notes, and ask people to help find the causes (for the sound bug I have
a vague suspition of it being ALSA 1.0.14, but only because it would fit
the timeframe - so I'd like to have some data on the systems sound works
on, and those where it doesn't).

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