Hello again!

We've released another bugfix release for the 2.0 series of Warzone 2100.
No new features, just some problems which appeared in the recent releases were 

The complete changelog looks like this:
Fix: Make sure that sound still works with libvorbis 1.1 (this got broken in 
Fix: Prevent AMD OpenGL driver (slow) software rendering fallback, introduced 
in 2.0.8 (bug #10486)
New: Distributors now should use --with-distributor="Some String" when 
configuring, so we can track back where crashdumps come from
Change: Exit screen looks a bit cleaner than before now
Change: Add some more info to the POSIX exception handler (Used compiler, 
responsible distributor)

For completeness sake I also give you the link to the ChangeLog, which also 
lists all older versions.

As always, the files are available from our downloads page.

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