Hi all; hopefully this will be the last ever netcode update as the  
porting process is nearing completion.

Over the last week several important functions have been ported over,  
with all the remaining being a few one-liners in multiplay.c and  
multiinit.c along with the text message, beacon and colour/alliance  

So far as workload goes me and Buggy should be able to deal with the  
remaining files over the next week or so, however they are minor,  
easy to test, changes.

As soon as it is all done I suggest we have a week of intensive  
testing of the netcode. Between us we have all of the valid hardware  
combinations for Warzone, so should be able to test it to death. 8  
player games are the ones which seem to be the most troublesome so  
think that we should focus on them.

As usual I am open to suggestions, but so far as the netcode goes  
things are going *very* well.

Regards, Freddie.

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