Gerard Krol schreef:
> Giel van Schijndel wrote:
>> Some possibly interesting Doxygen errors, courtesy, my cron daemon.
> 1. For the unsupported tags: check if you are running the latest version 
> of Doxygen
I was running 2.5.1 apparently...

> 2. For the error missing dot: install graphviz to generate nice diagrams
Actually I've already got graphviz installed. It complains about
"Problems running dot." which I think may also mean that it didn't
return EXIT_SUCCESS (aka 0). I'm not sure why it does this. I know that
on a smaller codebase I use Doxygen for (i.e. a school project) it runs
without ever complaining about "Problems running dot.".

Also, I believe that it doesn't always produce this particular error
message. I.e. sometimes dot runs fine.

> 3, For the warnings about parameters, we should fix the doxygen comments.
That was IMHO actually the most interesting part about the error output. ;-)


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