> this could, in large part, be mitigated by taking any concept of  
> texpage-tesselation out of the mod studio, and putting it straight  
> into the engine, thus as we work on warzone studio, at the same  
> time we work on a dynamic tesselator for the engine, which will  
> take a lot of small texpages (of arbitrary size), and combine (and  
> cache) them into composite though 1024x1024 (or larger) texpages.

I was speaking to Per about this one actually. He seemed quite  
certain that the current way we do it is better than doing it at run  
time. I believe we do it for runtime with map tile sets, and it does  
seemed to have increase load time somewhat. I am not so sure about  
the caching, however.

What does everyone else think? (Looks at Per.)

> at this time i would recommend either an extension to the pie  
> format supporting multiple texture images per model, or the  
> official switch to a new format. if this is decided upon, i will  
> soon be able to promise a bit of my time to do a lot of the legwork  
> for the mod side of things (converting existing models, breaking  
> apart texpages, etc).

I think Per is currently working on something to do with the PIE  
format, so I urge you to make a post about it directly.

Regards, Freddie.

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