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> Ari Johnson schreef:
> > On Fri, Apr 18, 2008 at 2:50 PM, Giel van Schijndel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> > wrote:
>  >> Dennis Schridde schreef:
>  >>> Am Freitag, 18. April 2008 18:26:44 schrieb [EMAIL PROTECTED]:
>  >>>> I would like to mention that, on its side, QuesoGLC uses GLEW for the
>  >>>> OpenGL extensions support. Not that I want to make some proselytism but 
> I
>  >>>> think that such an information may be of some value when making a 
> decision
>  >>>> like yours.
>  >>> Just in case someone would like to know:
>  >>> I would have choosen GLEW, too and I did it for my other projects.

> > Is it possible to use GLEW since we're already using QuesoGLC?  One of
>  > our biggest projects since the original open-sourcing of Warzone has
>  > been eliminating redundant code.
>  I'm not sure whether it is possible with MSVC. Buginator any thoughts on
>  that?

I don't see how it is redundant, while QuesoGLC may use GLEW,  we
don't include  QuesoGLC in the project files at this point in time.
All we use is the GLC header files, and that is it.

Mind you, I wouldn't mind to be able to include GLC directly into the
codebase, but right now I can't even get it to compile correctly due
to the dependencies it needs.
 I would much rather have static versions of all libraries that we
use, but that isn't the case.
Both QuesoGLC & popt use 8 or 9 .dlls, plus some extra files for
fonts.  The rest are all static.

As Giel mentioned, the main reason why I went with GLee over GLew was
that GLee 'just worked'  & GLew had build errors.  I didn't go digging
into why until earlier this afternoon.
I prefer GLee over GLew for the 'just works' aspect of it in the MSVC
build environment.

They both should be able to handle what we want, and I haven't really
seen any big difference besides the fact that GLee auto-inits, and
GLew requires a init call.   I tested GLee on both windows & linux,
and it seemed to work fine on both platforms.

If anyone knows a good reason why we shouldn't use GLee, then speak up.

The only one I haven't tested GLee with was macs.
Ari, there are some mac specific routines in the code base that deals
with stencils.  For the macs, it is always set to true.  This is in
When we go with GLee or GLew,  would this separate code path be
needed?  GLee or Glew should be able to tell what extensions are
supported on the macs.

Also the reason why I wanted extension support was because I am
working with FBOs, and the old way we handled extensions wasn't going
to cut it.  And before you ask, yes, there will be a fallback for
those that can't handle FBOs.  I use :
if(GLEE_EXT_framebuffer_object) ... to detect.

Hope you didn't fall asleep reading my first post to the ML. ;)

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