bugs buggy schreef:
> The twist in the bucket is, even with 96h in the tracker, we still
> might not catch bugs that the community will catch.   Nightly builds
> are very helpful (and should be archived IMO--so we can narrow down
> bugs quickly)
> They also need to have a more prominent spot, so people can help us
> find issues quicker.  I dunno, we could make a contest, to see who can
> find the most bugs, and the winner gets a feature they want put into
> warzone at a higher priority than all the other feature requests?
> And *all* testing/nightly builds need to be debug builds. Release
> builds could also be made, but if space is tight, I prefer debug
> builds.

To get back on the archiving bit. Due to size constraints I *do* remove
all the older nightlies from time to time. I keep a back up of them on
my own system though (actually the ones on my own system are rebuilds
with LZMA compressed installers, which are some MBs smaller).

Currently I have 973MB of such "backed-up" installers on my local HDD. I
could of course upload them to
http://download.gna.org/warzone/snapshots/ . I'm not sure if Gna! would
have any problems with storing that amount of data though...

PS The revisions for which I've got backed-up installers (both debug and
non-debug, aka release build): 4843, 4853, 4875, 5100, 5125, 5145, 5196,
5215, 5239, 5243, 5250, 5252, 5253, 5260, 5277, 5279 and 5280.


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