Am Montag, 23. Juni 2008 22:15:53 schrieb Giel van Schijndel:
> Dennis Schridde schreef:
> > I wondered whether anyone is actually still using the raw Makefiles...
> > Reason why I originaly wrote them, is to have a convenient way to compile
> > Windows releases.
> > Since several months (if not years), I got crosscompiling working
> > (linux->mingw32), so the original purpose is gone.
> When I work on Windows (which admittedly isn't a lot lately) I *always*
> use the raw makefile system.
> > There also exists MSVC (Express) for everyone else, and finally one
> > could setup MSys or Cygwin, if he really wanted to, and use autotools.
> > Does someone know why the raw Makefiles should not be droped?
> I've never been able to compile Warzone using either MSYS or Cygwin. I
> admit I haven't tried very hard to get it working correctly. But then
> again I do *not* consider MSYS and Cygwin to be acceptable "native"
> tools, simply because they're not native (they're emulation layers for a
> POSIX system). Thus that leaves me with only one other option from that
> list ^^; MSVC, and "it shall be a cold day in hell before I use MSVC
> when an alternative is available.".
> Thus I prefer to keep the raw makefile buildsystem.
Ok, will continue to maintain it then. Can you test whether the latest changes 
work in cmd.exe as well? (You probably have to find the cmd equivalents to a 
few shell commands, see


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