Ari Johnson wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 23, 2008 at 2:50 PM, Freddie Witherden
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have just got around to compiling off trunk on OS X 10.5. This
>> required two changes:
>>  • Updating the QuesoGLC version to trunk r832;
>>  • Changing the include path for GLC so that revisions > r5833 compile.
>> However, there are several issues which I experience on my Intel
>> MacBook running 10.5:
>>  1. Font rendering is fudged, see 
>>  (non permanent link!).
>>    - Might be due to new GLC version; will try older revisions.
>>  2. The game crashes on exit and requires a kill signal.
>>    - Suspect OpenAL to be the cause (waiting on a mutex), more
>> debugging needed.
>>  3. No v-sync (it could be due to GPU/OS version), however an option
>> enable v-sync or not would be useful.
>>   - Space in "Video Options"?
>>   - Code is: SDL_GL_SetAttribute(SDL_GL_SWAP_CONTROL, 1);
>>   - Useful on other operating systems.
>> Does anyone else have any other issues to add to the list (or would
>> like a recent trunk .app, which I can do). The first two should be our
>> priority without a doubt. (Do we have a Mac maintainer?)
> I call not it! :P
> It sounds like you've made some progress.  Did you get the project
> up-to-date so that it is self-contained and requires no external
> dependencies be installed to either build or run the game?

4. Image "bitmap" rendering is screwed up (images appear blocky, especially 
around borders). You can see this a bit in your wzosx.tiff screenshot in the 
"Warzone 2100" logo.

I submitted a patch to this ML a few weeks ago that would have the Xcode 
automatically download and use a correct version of Bison during the build 
process but, if I remember correctly, the posting was ignored or nobody wanted 
to commit it because they couldn't test it or something. I can resubmit the 
patch if someone is willing to take a look at it.

Freddie, try the QuesoGLC "release-0.7" branch instead of the trunk revision. I 
tested it out on Tiger last week and I didn't have any font rendering problems.


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