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> On 9/15/08, Dennis Schridde <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Am Monday 15 September 2008 21:17:24 schrieben Sie:
>>> That is the problem, we can't backport and or revert very easily, it is a
>>> very difficult job.  Per tried, I tried, and Evilguru tried.  We all
>>> failed.
>> Hmmm...
>> In that case maybe delete /branches/2.1 *again* and rebranch?
>> Someone should workout a list of revisions to revert afterwards though.
>> (I.e.
>> my projectile changes, which are currently partly buggy (flamers?) due to
>> their unfinished nature.)

I don't like this at all, as just finding out which changes need
reverting for a rebranch alone might take up more effort than fixing the
pathfinding. Let alone the effort of actually reverting these changes
from trunk.

> Actually, this may have been a bit premature.  Giel has worked some of his
> voodoo, and has a patch for this:
> " "Fix" 2.1's bad pathfinding performance -
> http://developer.wz2100.net/ticket/71 "
> Stay tuned...

In fact I'd like for some people to test this patch and comment on it.
E.g. whether it improves performance and doesn't introduce any new bugs.

Also, yes, I know that it breaks savegames, that's not a bug, that's the
lack of a feature (the feature being forward compatibility in r4637's
savegame change). There's little, if anything, that can be done about
that. But we'll just have to bite that bullet, as IMO non O^2 (or is it
O^3?) pathfinding behaviour is more important than savegame
compatibility with *betas*.

PS Please leave comments about the patch itself in the tracker.


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