On 9/18/08, Giel van Schijndel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Freddie Witherden schreef:
> >  From my point I think our options are:
> >   - Try *again* to backport the multi-threaded pathing.
> I've tried that *before* reverting r4637, and failed miserably. (Way too
> much API changes to do within 2 whole days).
> >   - Skip 2.1 and go straight to 2.2 with FMV support.
> How about providing an optional 2.1 release for those who wish to use
> that first?

Does this optional 2.1 become 'stable' version then? Or ?
Can we get nightly builds of 2.1 also?
It would seem to be the best indicator of how the community would react, and
then we can go from there.

My thoughts are, go ahead, stick the path finding fix in now, make a build,
and release it in the forum in a special thread, call it 2.1 RC 6 or
something, and have people give feedback.

>   - Re-base 2.1 from trunk.
> No, IMO current trunk should become 2.2, definitly not 2.1

The longer we wait, the worse it keeps getting IMO.  Both in terms of out of
sync with the trunk, and the overall status of the project.
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